Spectators play a pivotal role in ensuring that a Primary Rugby League festival is a fun and enjoyable experience for children.

Parents, coaches, games coaches and helpers do a marvellous job for the benefit of the children and this must not be forgotten when supporting your team from the touchline.

Abuse of players, other spectators, games coaches and coaches will, quite simply, not be tolerated and everyone should work together to stamp out bad behaviour

Bad behaviour by spectators spoils what should be an enjoyable atmosphere, sets an awful example to children and ultimately puts people off the game.

Spectators should be reminded at festivals that children are not adults and the game they witness the children play will not be like what they watch on TV.

The product will be different and so are the outcomes. It is vitally important that adults conduct themselves sensibly and in line with the Primary Rugby League ethos.

Spectators are encouraged to CHEER
Care for children and their needs by supporting and not criticising
Help player motivations by supporting good individual & team performances for both sides
Enjoy the game and praise development not the final score
Encourage every player irrespective of their ability and whichever team they play on
Respect the decision of the games coach


The Players are CHILDREN
The Coaches are VOLUNTEERS
The Games Coach deserves RESPECT
This is Primary Rugby League not SUPER LEAGUE
We are here so that children can have FUN & ENJOYMENT

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