A Parents role is to be a role model and enhance children’s involvement in Primary Rugby League through encouragement and support.

Sport is pivotal for their children's physical development because participation in sport and physical activity is fundamental to the health and development of children.

Keep It Fun

Playing Rugby League should be fun.

If it is not fun Children will eventually drop out, whether it be straight away or when they are old enough and brave enough to do this.

Parents can help their children by showing support by attending as many games and training sessions as possible.

Motivational climate: Results or progress?

Parents, knowingly or unknowingly, create a motivational climate for their child by placing emphasis on either results or personal progress.

Winning and results are inevitably a feature of sport but research demonstrates that a focus on personal progression is more effective.

Psychologists have found that generally children whose parents place a greater emphasis on winning often develop low self-esteem, anxiety and the tendency to drop out of sport.

Children whose parents encourage them to focus on their own progression show greater well-being and self-determination.

The most liberating words parents can speak to their children are quite simple.

Based on psychological research, the three healthiest statements moms and dads can make as they perform are:

Before the competition After the competition
Have Fun Did you have fun?
Play Hard I'm proud of you
I love you I love you

Six Simple Words… "I love to watch you play"


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