Games Coach

Games Coach Role

A Games Coach is the Primary Rugby League term for a referee.

The role of the Games Coach is to support the children through the games.

This role is crucial to providing children with positive experiences of sport and also ensure all children have the same opportunity to run with the ball.

Five Simple Instructions are:

Held - To signal the tackle is complete
Come To Me - Encourage defending team to retreat to Games Coach
Wait - To Indicate to the defence not to move
Play The Ball - Prompt attacking team to restart play
Go - Indicate to the defence to move from the defensive line

Top Tips

1 Ensure all children get equal opportunity during the games
2 Encourage effort, not just performance
3 Encourage the players to solve problems themselves
4 Offer praise when they move well, make a good pass etc.
5 If players struggle, it’s OK to suggest they look for space, or who they can pass to
6 Make sure you support and encourage both teams equally
7 Do not tolerate any bad or inappropriate language from the players
8 Encourage the players to support and encourage each other with positive language

Top Tips for Language

1 Keep language positive, remember children are sensitive and throw away comments can easily put them off sport
2 Keep instructions short and simple and avoid jargon
3 Don’t be afraid of silence, telling children what to do all the time removes the decision making process and can demotivate children
4 Using questions is better than making statements, some examples are below:

  • How can you work together to stop them scoring?
  • How can you work together to score more tries?
  • How can you involve all the players to create space?

Remember, it is about developing them as people as well as young players.