The Aim...

...for coaches of Primary Rugby League should be to offer children appropriate development activities in a FUN and Enjoyable environment

in many cases this means putting children’s needs before adults motivations. The Level 1 Becoming CAYPABLE resource has been developed to support coaches in creating the right environments, the resource asks three questions to ensure practice is based on the needs of today’s young players.

Who are we coaching?

What are we coaching?

How are we coaching?

Tips For Coaches

Adopting a philosophy that encourages participation, fun and enjoyment over winning is more likely to keep children playing our sport.

An inclusive approach should be adopted when organising games so that all players regardless of maturity, get fun and enjoyment out of playing rugby league and continue to play the sport.

Children should never be singled out on the basis of their current or potential future ability.

Remember, children develop at different rates and it’s impossible to predict who will be a star performer in the future.

Children should be encouraged to work things out for themselves as they are more likely to remember the skills they have learned.

Children play rugby for the enjoyment of playing the sport and the friendships’ it creates and should not witness or be exposed to parental behaviour which ruins their experience.

Coaching Courses

It is important that coaches working with Primary Rugby League children have an understanding of a range of age- and stage-appropriate activities.

Physical literacy is the foundation for lifelong activity and forms a significant part of Primary age coaching sessions.

Physical literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, competence, knowledge and understanding that provides children with the movement foundation for lifelong participation in physical activity.

By enabling children to be physically literate, we can support their development as competent, confident and healthy movers.

Coaches wanting to be involved with Primary Rugby League need to be qualified. Coaches providing children with age appropriate activities would need to study their Level 1 Coaching Certificate in Rugby League and Primary Rugby League Coach (Level 2 Award).

Details of the courses are below and you can access further information and booking details on coaching courses by looking at Rugby League Learning documents in our resource section.

Level 1 Coaching Certificate in Rugby League

Who is it for/Course Pre-requisites:
The Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Rugby League (L1ACRL) is designed for adults (over 16 years of age) who are looking for an introduction to working with groups of children, junior Rugby League teams, or for parents of children in junior rugby league teams who want to get more involved.

The course is suitable for parents, volunteers and those with limited experience of the game and coaching.

It is recommended that if you are going to coach children you attend this course.

You do not have to have Rugby League experience and this course is suitable for parents, players, or students in further or higher education studying a sports-related qualification.

This vocational qualification is seen as the first rung on the coaching ladder.

Why should I study?
•    To help both children and young players develop their rugby league skills correctly and safely
•    To introduce good coaching practices
•    To provide an introduction to coaching Rugby League
•    To develop your core skills of the game

Primary Rugby League Coach (Level 2 Award)

Who is it for/Course Pre-requisites:
The Primary Rugby League Coach (Level 2 Award) is the minimum NGB award for coaches wishing to be licensed to operate in the modified forms of the game (age range 7-11), or coaches who have worked as a level 1 coach who now wish to progress.

The course is suitable for those with some experience of Rugby League and the requirements of coaching.

The course develops some of the principles of coaching outlined in the Level 1 Coaching Award and focuses on the competency to supervise activity.

Why should I study the Primary RL Coach (Level 2 Award)?
It forms part of a structured and progressive programme of sports coaching and other related qualifications, offering you access and involvement in introducing others to the sport of Rugby League.

What do I need to do to pass the course?
•    Complete the online learning
•    Submit 2 completed session plans
•    Successfully complete a practical coaching assessment which will involve delivery and review of one of your planned coaching sessions

Once completed, you may become a Level 2 licensed coach (for players aged 7-11) subject to completing a Safeguarding and Protecting Children course, completing the Coaches Code of Conduct and holding a current DBS.

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