The Children’s role when playing Primary Rugby League is to have fun and enjoyment, develop their skills whilst learning to play fair (Safe Play Code).

Children should learn to make their own decisions to benefit themselves and the team.

Two examples of good decisions by Children are; looking to pass before being tackled by an opponent and telling their team mate it’s their turn to have a run with the ball.

Children who get into good habits early in life have a far greater chance of being a better player and person. Lifetime friends are made playing Rugby League.

Children have the ability to make new friends, learn new skills and learn life skills (Teamwork, Respect, and Honesty) and adults should encourage Children to make their own decisions to help their learning journey.

Children need to be respectful to the Games Coach who will ensure the game is played correctly. Children need to remember the 5 simple Games Coach commands which are:

  1. Held – The tackle is complete, move away from the tackle.
  2. Come To Me – Defending team runs to the Games Coach to get into the defensive line
  3. Wait – Defending team cannot move yet
  4. Play The Ball – Put the ball on the ground and play the ball to your team mate to restart play
  5. Go – You can now go an tackle your opponent  

A final part of the Children’s role is to listen and learn good advice from their parents and coaches and also speak out if something is upsetting them or if they are unsure what to do.

Children need to feel confident to tell someone they trust if someone is shouting at them or putting any undue pressure on them. Adults need to help Children understand their role.

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