Safe Play Code

This Safe Play Code has been written in order to promote safety and good conduct within the Primary Rugby League versions of the game.

It will provide the best possible on-field environment for the development of young Rugby League players, particularly in the areas of actively controlling undesirable actions and behaviour.

Section 1 - The Tackle Zone

The Code: Tackles above the armpits When a ball carrier is advancing in an upright posture, any tackle by the defender in which contact is made above the armpits is termed to be an infringement.

Section 2 - Dangerous Tackles

The Code: Tripping or throwing an opponent It is an infringement if the tackler trips or uses his or her legs in anyway during a tackle.

This applies even if the defender already has a hand on the ball carrier (i.e. the Cumberland throw).

The Code: Lifting 1

Adopting a crotch hold is not permitted, placing either the hand or arm in the crotch region at any time is an infringement.

The Code: Lifting 2

Vertical lifting is an infringement, should a referee anticipate this is going to happen in a tackle he or she should blow the whistle immediately to prevent it from occurring.

The Code: Lifting 3

The ball carrier cannot be lifted and driven.

A tackle in which the ball carrier is lifted and remains off the ground for two or more steps is an infringement.

However, this should not be confused with a driving tackle when the ball carrier is knocked off his or her feet.

The Code: Shoulder charge

Defenders are not allowed to shoulder charge the ball carrier in order to effect a tackle.

A defender who runs at a ball carrier and makes no attempt to tackle, grab or hold the ball carrier, but merely makes an attempt to effect the tackle by the use of the shoulder shall be deemed to have committed an infringement.

The Code: Flopping

A defender cannot drop or fall on a prone player.

If the ball carrier is prone or stationary on the ground it is an infringement to drop, dive or fall on that player.

The tackle will be deemed complete by the defender simply putting a hand on the ball carrier.

The Code: Slinging

The use of the ball carrier’s arm or jersey to sling a player to the ground is not permitted.

Any defender who uses the arm or jersey of the ball carrier to complete a tackle is committing an infringement.

Section 2 - Hand-off or Fend

The Code: Dangerous use of the hand.

An attacking player cannot thrust out his or her arm and contact a defender above the shoulder.

Any player that hands off or fends above the shoulder will be deemed to have infringed.

Section 3 - Scrums

The Code: Forming, pushing and rotating.

No pushing, or rotating of the Primary Rugby League scrum is permitted.

All scrums are passive, any team attempting to push or rotate the scrum shall be deemed to have infringed.

Referees should instruct the teams at the scrum to crouch, engage and hold.

Section 4 - Verbal abuse and foul language.

The Code: Unacceptable language.

The use of obscene, threatening, racist, denigrating and abusive language is not permitted.

There is a zero tolerance approach to unacceptable language and behaviour based on individuals’ gender identity, race, age, disability, faith and sexual orientation.

Any form of verbal abuse, threatening language or sledging will be deemed an infringement.

Safe Play Code