Primary Rugby League festivals provide all children with the opportunity to take part in developmentally appropriate games in a safe and secure environment.

Festivals is the Primary Rugby League term for game day and is synonymous with fun, enjoyment and development. The term festival encourages a family atmosphere and sets the tone for children to have fun and parents and coaches to watch for and encourage development over a win at all costs mentality.

Festivals will more than likely have more than one game running at the same time to fit into the small sided primary Rugby League format. To run a festival there are some considerations and planning required to ensure it runs smoothly. We have produced a festival guideleines document that can be viewed in the resource section.

Children can learn so much from a well-run festival:

Fancy footwork, dodge, run, pass, catch and score, are some of the positive experiences children will have at a child centred Primary Rugby League Festival.

Engaging children through a successful and unique Primary Rugby League Festival provides young people with a healthy and active experience which is great for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Social Skills learned during Primary Rugby League Festivals will encourage positive ways of life through respect, teamwork, friendships, good attitudes and social responsibilities.

Tempting new and returning players and supporters to your club through successful and popular festivals is instrumental to a positive acquisition and retention strategy.

Invaluable opportunities for your club to celebrate and showcase your inspiration, passion, enthusiasm and commitment to children and the local community through Primary Rugby League.

Volunteers, coaches and parents are instilling positive values, cultures and experiences into the lives of children through a dynamic primary Rugby League festival.

Ambition and platforms for children to become professional Rugby League players. This can be a by-product of continuous successful Primary Rugby League experiences not a requirement.

Learning opportunities are created for children to achieve their full potential and this enables enriching experiences through the Primary Rugby League ethos of fun, enjoyment and development.

Sharing best practice amongst festivals will continue to enhance the positive experience children have whilst playing Primary Rugby League.

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