Cubs Play

The purpose of Cubs Play is to introduce children to Rugby League in a fun, safe, and developmentally appropriate manner.

Cub Play is for children at or below Year 1 primary school age, which is under the age of six years at midnight on 31 August at the start of each season.

The focus of Cub Play sessions should be to develop children’s movement skills to prepare them for a life in sport and physical activity.

Just as kids need to develop their reading and writing literacy, they also need to develop their physical literacy.

Physical Literacy Journey

Movement Alphabet Movement Words Movement Phrases Movement Paragraph
Learn the ABCs of movement eg. throwing Combine letters to make words eg. throwing a ball at a target Link words together eg. throwing and catching with a partner Construct movement phrases into basic physical activities eg. 3 v 3 game

The Level 1 Becoming CAYPABLE qualification beginner level offers a range of activities that are suitable for Cub Play participants.

Clubs are not permitted to arrange Cub Play fixtures. Children develop at different rates and may not be psychologically, physically and socially ready to enter a competitive environment.

A poor experience of Rugby League could put them off sport for life.

A minimum of a valid RFL UKCC Level 1 coaching qualification is required to coach at this level.

If kids become physically literate, they’re more likely to be physically active as both kids and adults, and this will help them stave off health problems such as obesity.

Cubs play is fun, enjoyable and improves children’s physical literacy which is important for an active and healthy life! Don’t delay give cubs a try today.

Contact your local club to see if they have cub play or even get involved coaching yourself.

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